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Ted Lasso

An American football coach with no soccer experience is hired to manage an English soccer team.


A team of office workers with divided memories navigates a mysterious journey to uncover the truth behind their unique employment situation.

The Handmaid's Tale

In a dystopian future, a woman is compelled to live as a forced partner in a strict religious dictatorship.

Friday Night Lights

The lives of a high school football team and their coach in the small, football-obsessed town of Dillon, Texas.

Squid Game

Desperate contestants risk their lives in a mysterious and deadly competition of children’s games for a chance to win a massive cash prize.

Stranger Things

Kids in a small town find a mysterious girl with special powers while confronting forces from the Upside Down.

Better Call Saul

The prequel to Breaking Bad that chronicles criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill’s life before meeting Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Virgin River

A nurse seeks a fresh start in a remote town, finding unexpected romance and community healing.

Bates Motel

This modern Prequel to Psycho explores the mental deterioration of a teenager and his complex bond with his mother.

The Act

Dee Dee Blanchard and her daughter Gypsy Rose’s tumultuous relationship led to a tragic outcome.

Boy Meets World

A young boy navigates through adolescence with his family and friends, facing various challenges and life lessons along the way.

Black Mirror

An anthology series that explores the dark and often dystopian consequences of technology and society’s relationship with it.


A neurotic rapper becomes a viral sensation and tries to navigate the challenges of fame while staying true to himself and his relationships.

The Undoing

The life of a successful therapist is thrown into chaos when her husband becomes the prime suspect in a violent murder case.


A hitman discovers his love for acting while on a job and struggles to balance his criminal past with his newfound passion.


A family man is kidnapped under mysterious circumstances and is shown on social media with injuries and a threat to his life.


The events surrounding the 1986 nuclear disaster in Soviet Ukraine, including its aftermath and the efforts made to contain and minimize its effects.

Sharp Objects

A journalist investigates murders in her hometown while confronting her troubled past and uncovering dark family secrets.


In The Dark

A blind woman attempts to solve the murder of her friend with the help of her guide dog and close friends.

Breaking Bad

A chemistry teacher with terminal lung cancer turns to cooking meth to make the most of his remaining time.


The Roy family, owners of a media giant, clash over succession planning as the father steps down.

Big Little Lies

A group of wealthy mothers accept a single mother into their social circle, but tragedy soon follows.

The Bear

A young chef with fine dining experience returns home to Chicago to run his brother’s sandwich shop following his death. 

A Teacher

A popular High School Senior takes interest in his new English teacher, who relishes the special attention.

Mare of Easttown

A small-town Pennsylvania detective attempts to investigate a local murder while her life is crumbling around her.


A teacher discovers a time portal that leads to the 1960s and is challenged to prevent the assassination of J.F.K.

Little Fires Everywhere

An obscure mother/daughter move into town and become intertwined with a picture-perfect wealthy family.

Living With Yourself

A man undergoes an experimental treatment to improve his life, only to discover he has been replaced by a better version of himself.