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TV Mini Series, 2016, TV-MA. 1h

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What Is 11.22.63 About?

A teacher discovers a time portal that leads to the 1960s and is challenged to prevent the assassination of J.F.K.

The Cast of 11.22.63

  • James Franco as Jake Epping, a high school teacher who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


  • Sarah Gadon as Sadie Dunhill, a librarian who becomes involved with Jake and helps him on his mission.


  • Chris Cooper as Al Templeton, a diner owner who sends Jake back in time and provides guidance on his mission.


  • Josh Duhamel as Frank Dunning, a notorious killer who becomes a target of Jake’s investigation.


  • Cherry Jones as Marguerite Oswald, the mother of Lee Harvey Oswald.


  • T.R. Knight as Johnny Clayton, a close friend of Al and a former soldier who helps Jake on his mission.


  • Lucy Fry as Marina Oswald, the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald.


  • Daniel Webber as Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of John F. Kennedy.


  • George MacKay as Bill Turcotte, a young man who becomes involved with Jake and Sadie’s mission.


The Filmmakers of 11.22.63

  • Bridget Carpenter: Creator and developer
  • J.J. Abrams: Executive producer
  • Stephen King: Executive producer
  • Kevin Macdonald: Director
  • James Franco: Director
  • Kevin Reynolds: Director
  • Bryan Burk: Executive producer

The Cinematography of 11.22.63

The TV series 11.22.63 was shot with an eye towards capturing the look and feel of the era in which it is set, the late 1950s and early 1960s. The cinematography has a classic and nostalgic feel, using a lot of natural light and earthy tones. The production design, set decoration, and costume design all contribute to the series’ overall period aesthetic.


In order to create a believable world, the cinematography focuses on period-accurate details and uses a mix of classic and contemporary styles. The use of muted colors, such as browns, greens, and grays, helps convey a sense of the time period and the mood of the series, which is generally contemplative and introspective.


The series features several memorable and stunning landscape shots, with a focus on moody, atmospheric imagery. This is especially true in the rural, small-town setting of Jodie, Texas, where much of the series takes place. The cinematography creates a world that is both vivid and lived-in, a perfect visual match for the show’s themes of nostalgia, longing, and the weight of the past.


The Soundtrack of 11.22.63

The soundtrack of the TV series 11.22.63 is a mix of period-specific music and original score. It features a mix of classic rock and roll, folk, and blues songs from the late 1950s and early 1960s, as well as original score composed by Sean Callery.


The use of period music helps to create a sense of time and place, while the original score, with its haunting melodies and haunting violin solos, provides emotional depth and atmosphere. Some popular songs featured in the series include “Be-Bop-A-Lula” by Gene Vincent, “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran, and “In the Still of the Night” by The Five Satins.


The music in 11.22.63 helps to establish the mood of each scene, from tension and suspense to moments of melancholy and introspection. 


Popular songs include:


  • “Be-Bop-A-Lula” by Gene Vincent
  • “Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran
  • “In the Still of the Night” by The Five Satins
  • “It’s Only Make Believe” by Conway Twitty
  • “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men
  • “The Twist” by Chubby Checker
  • “Runaway” by Del Shannon
  • “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles
  • “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darin
  • “Lonely Teardrops” by Jackie Wilson

The Theme of 11.22.63

The central theme of the series is the concept of time travel and its consequences. The protagonist’s journey to change history raises questions about the butterfly effect and the idea that small changes in the past can have significant consequences in the present. The series also revolves around the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which is one of the most significant events of the 20th century.


Throughout the series, the audience is challenged to consider the idea of fate and free will. Is the protagonist’s journey to change history futile, or can it actually change the course of events and save Kennedy’s life? The series touches on the idea that the past cannot be changed and that the present is the result of a series of events that have already taken place.


The show also explores the theme of loss and grief, as the protagonist grapples with the realization that he cannot save everyone. He must come to terms with the fact that his actions may have unintended consequences and that some things are beyond his control.


The series also explores the nature of love and sacrifice as the protagonist must make a difficult decision about whether to stay in the past or return to the present. He must weigh the love he has for a woman he has met in the past against his love for his wife in the present. The show takes an in-depth look at the complexities of relationships and the sacrifices that individuals make for the ones they love.


Why You Should Watch 11.22.63

11.22.63 is a science fiction thriller television miniseries that was developed by Bridget Carpenter and produced by J. J. Abrams for Hulu. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, and stars James Franco as Jake Epping, a high school teacher who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


The series begins with Jake Epping, a high school teacher in Maine, who is approached by his friend, Al Templeton (Chris Cooper), who owns a local diner. Al has discovered a portal that allows him to travel back in time to 1958, and he asks Jake to go back and prevent the assassination of JFK. Reluctant at first, Jake eventually agrees to take on the mission, and he finds himself transported back to the past.


Once in the past, Jake quickly realizes that changing the past is not as simple as he thought, and he must navigate the complex web of relationships and events leading up to the assassination in order to succeed in his mission. Along the way, he meets and falls in love with Sadie Dunhill (Sarah Gadon), a librarian who becomes an integral part of his plan.


The series does an excellent job of capturing the feel of the 1960s, with its period-accurate costumes, sets, and music. The performances are also top-notch, with James Franco and Sarah Gadon delivering standout performances as Jake and Sadie. The series is full of twists and turns, and it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout its eight-episode run.


One of the most striking aspects of the series is its exploration of the consequences of changing the past. Jake quickly learns that even the smallest change can have far-reaching consequences, and he must weigh the potential benefits of his actions against the potential costs. The series also explores the idea of fate and free will, as Jake struggles with the knowledge that he is potentially changing the course of history.


The series also offers plenty of action and suspense. As Jake gets closer to his goal, he finds himself pursued by various forces who want to stop him from changing the past, including Lee Harvey Oswald (Daniel Webber) and the mysterious “Yellow Card Man” (Josh Duhamel). The


11.22.63 is sure to please fans of science fiction, thrillers, and historical dramas. The series is well-written, well-acted, and beautifully crafted, and it is a must-see for anyone who loves time-travel stories.



Cream of Mushroom Soup


Episode 3, Jake’s Mushroom Soup

More About 11.22.63

11.22.63 is a novel written by Stephen King, which was later adapted into a television miniseries. The novel and the miniseries are both about a man named Jake Epping who is sent back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The inspiration behind the novel came from Stephen King’s lifelong fascination with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. King has been interested in the event since he was a child and has read extensively about it over the years. He was also inspired by the idea of time travel, which he has explored in several of his other works.


In an interview, King said that he has always been fascinated by the idea of being able to change history and that he wanted to explore this idea in a story set around the JFK assassination. He wanted to explore the question of whether or not someone could actually change the course of history and what the consequences of such a change would be. Additionally, King was inspired by a short story called “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which is about a man who ages in reverse. King used that story as a jumping-off point for his own story about a man who travels back in time.


11.22.63 was filmed primarily in and around the state of Florida, USA. Some scenes were shot in Dallas, Texas, which is the location of the Kennedy assassination, and in various other locations in the state. The series makes use of its real-life locations to create a sense of authenticity and historical accuracy. The production also took advantage of the state’s diverse geography, ranging from the rolling hills of rural areas to the sprawling cities of Miami and Tampa, to recreate the look and feel of the 1960s.