Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World

TV-PG, (1993 – 2000), Comedy/Family, 23m

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What Is Boy Meets World About?

A young boy navigates through adolescence with his family and friends, facing various challenges and life lessons along the way.

The Cast of Boy Meets World

  • Ben Savage as Cory Matthews – The main protagonist of the show, Cory is a lovable and often neurotic teenager who navigates the ups and downs of adolescence with the help of his family and friends.


  • Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence – Cory’s love interest and eventual wife, Topanga is an intelligent and free-spirited girl who often challenges conventional thinking.


  • Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter – Cory’s best friend, Shawn is a troubled but ultimately good-hearted teen who comes from a difficult family background.


  • William Daniels as Mr. Feeny – The Matthews’ next-door neighbor and longtime mentor to Cory and his friends, Mr. Feeny is a wise and principled educator who often dispenses life lessons.


  • Will Friedle as Eric Matthews – Cory’s older brother, Eric is a lovable goofball who often provides comic relief but also struggles with his own insecurities.


  • William Russ as Alan Matthews – Cory and Eric’s father, Alan is a hardworking and loving parent who often provides guidance and support to his sons.


  • Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews- Cory and Eric’s mother, Amy is a warm and nurturing parent who balances her family responsibilities with her career as a homemaker.


  • Trina McGee-Davis as Angela Moore- A later addition to the main cast, Angela is Shawn’s love interest and a strong-willed and independent young woman who challenges Shawn’s views on relationships.


  • Matthew Lawrence as Jack Hunter – Shawn’s half-brother who comes to live with the Matthews family, Jack initially struggles to fit in but eventually becomes a close friend to Cory and his friends.


  • Maitland Ward as Rachel McGuire  – A college student and later roommate to Topanga and Angela, Rachel is initially portrayed as a ditzy blonde but eventually develops into a more complex and independent character.


  • Lee Noris as Stuart Minkus – A nerdy classmate of Cory and his friends in the early seasons, Minkus disappears after the first season but later reappears in later seasons as a successful businessman


The Filmmakers of Boy Meets World

  • Michael Jacobs – Creator and executive producer
  • April Kelly – Creator and executive producer
  • David Kendall – Producer and director
  • Fred Savage – Director
  • Alan Myerson – Director
  • Jeff McCracken – Director
  • William Russ – Director
  • William Daniels – Director
  • Alex Herschlag – Writer and producer
  • Matthew Nelson – Writer and producer


These filmmakers, along with many others who worked on the show, contributed to the development and success of Boy Meets World.

The Cinematography of Boy Meets World

As a sitcom, Boy Meets World didn’t have a distinctive cinematography style like films or some TV dramas. However, the show did have a specific visual style that was employed throughout its seven seasons.


The cinematography of Boy Meets World can be described as simple and straightforward. The show predominantly used medium and close-up shots, with the occasional wide shot to establish the setting. The camera movements were minimal, and there were no elaborate camera angles or tracking shots. Instead, the focus was on the performances of the actors and the dialogue.


The lighting on the show was generally bright and even, with little use of shadows or dramatic lighting. The colors were also bright and cheerful, which suited the show’s light-hearted tone.


The show’s production design, including the set design and costumes, also contributed to the overall visual style. The sets were brightly colored and designed to feel like a typical American home, school, or hangout spot, with little attention paid to realism or detail. The costumes were also simple and reflective of the characters’ personalities and fashion trends of the time.



The Soundtrack of Boy Meets World

The soundtrack of Boy Meets World played an important role in creating the show’s nostalgic and relatable atmosphere. The show featured a mix of original music and popular songs from the 1990s, which helped to set the tone for each scene and evoke a specific mood or emotion.


The show’s theme song, “Boy Meets World,” was composed by Ray Colcord and performed by the band The Wonders. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics encapsulated the show’s coming-of-age theme and helped to establish the show’s identity.


In addition to the theme song, Boy Meets World also used popular songs from the 1990s to create a sense of time and place. The show’s use of music reflected the cultural trends of the time and helped to create a sense of nostalgia for viewers who grew up during that era.


The show also featured original music, composed by Ray Colcord and other musicians, that complemented the show’s emotional moments. The music was often used to underscore poignant or humorous scenes, and it helped to enhance the overall impact of these moments.

The Theme of Boy Meets World

One of the central themes of Boy Meets World is the importance of family. The show portrays the Matthews family as a loving and supportive unit, even in the face of challenges and disagreements. The show’s emphasis on family highlights the importance of maintaining strong relationships with loved ones, even in the face of adversity. Whether it’s Cory and his parents navigating the challenges of adolescence, or Eric and his father coping with the realities of adulthood, the show demonstrates the power of familial love and support.


Another key theme of Boy Meets World is the importance of friendship. The show’s main characters, including Cory, Shawn, and Topanga, form a tight-knit group that supports each other through thick and thin. The show portrays friendship as a vital component of emotional well-being, highlighting the importance of having a network of supportive and caring friends to lean on in times of need.


Identity and self-worth are also prominent themes in Boy Meets World. The show’s characters struggle with issues of self-doubt and insecurity, grappling with questions of who they are and where they fit in the world. The show highlights the importance of self-acceptance and self-confidence, emphasizing the idea that each person has inherent value and worth. Whether it’s Cory learning to embrace his nerdy tendencies or Shawn coming to terms with his troubled past, the show demonstrates the power of self-love and acceptance.


Love and connection are also central themes of Boy Meets World. The show portrays romantic love as a powerful force that can bring people together, but it also emphasizes the importance of non-romantic relationships, such as those between friends and family members. Whether it’s Cory and Topanga’s enduring love story or Shawn’s deep bond with Cory and his family, the show demonstrates the power of connection and emotional intimacy.


Finally, Boy Meets World also tackles more serious themes, such as loss, grief, and trauma. The show’s characters face difficult situations and emotional challenges, including the death of a loved one, the fallout from divorce, and the aftermath of abuse. While these themes are certainly serious, the show handles them with sensitivity and grace, emphasizing the importance of emotional support and coping mechanisms in times of hardship.




Why You Should Watch Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World is a classic coming-of-age sitcom that aired from 1993 to 2000. Created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly, the show follows the adventures of Cory Matthews and his friends as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence and young adulthood. With its relatable characters, humorous storylines, and heartwarming themes, Boy Meets World has become a beloved cultural touchstone that still resonates with audiences today.


At its core, Boy Meets World is a show about growing up. Over the course of its seven seasons, the show explores the challenges and triumphs of adolescence and young adulthood, from first crushes and awkward school dances to college applications and career choices. At the center of it all is Cory Matthews, played with charm and wit by Ben Savage. Cory is an everyman protagonist who serves as the audience’s guide through the often-confusing world of adolescence. He’s a relatable character who struggles with the same issues that many young people face, from peer pressure and self-doubt to family conflict and romantic drama.


One of the show’s strengths is its ensemble cast, which features a diverse and memorable group of characters. Cory’s best friend Shawn (Rider Strong) is a standout, with his edgy demeanor and troubled backstory adding depth and complexity to the show. Topanga (Danielle Fishel), Cory’s on-again, off-again love interest, is also a standout, with her intelligence, independent spirit, and quirky personality making her a beloved character among fans. Other characters, including Cory’s parents (played by William Russ and Betsy Randle), his teacher Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), and his older brother Eric (Will Friedle), all contribute to the show’s rich tapestry of characters.


Another strength of Boy Meets World is its ability to balance humor with heart. The show is often hilarious, with its witty dialogue, physical comedy, and silly hijinks providing plenty of laughs. But it’s also capable of tackling serious issues with sensitivity and grace. The show deals with topics like divorce, death, poverty, and racism, among others, in a way that’s both relatable and respectful. The show’s ability to address these issues without losing its sense of humor or sacrificing its heart is a testament to its strong writing and talented cast.


Of course, no review of Boy Meets World would be complete without mentioning its iconic theme song, performed by The Wonders. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics perfectly encapsulate the show’s optimistic and nostalgic tone. It’s a testament to the show’s enduring legacy that the theme song still resonates with viewers today.


Overall, Boy Meets World is a classic sitcom that has earned its place in television history. Its relatable characters, heartwarming themes, and excellent writing make it a show that still resonates with viewers today, more than two decades after it first aired. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer, Boy Meets World is a show that’s sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.


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More About Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World was primarily filmed at various locations in and around Los Angeles, California. The show’s interior scenes were filmed on a soundstage at the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, California. The exterior shots of the Matthews family home were filmed in a neighborhood in suburban Studio City, while the exterior shots of John Adams High School, the school attended by the show’s main characters, were filmed at various high schools in the Los Angeles area.


In addition to these locations, the show also filmed at a number of other iconic Los Angeles landmarks, including the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Santa Monica Pier. The show’s creators made a conscious effort to capture the essence of life in Southern California, infusing the show with a sense of warmth and sunshine that became synonymous with the show’s overall tone and aesthetic.


Boy Meets World is set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show follows the life of Cory Matthews, a young boy living with his parents and younger sister in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The show’s early seasons focus on Cory’s experiences in middle school at John Adams High, while the later seasons follow his transition to high school and eventual graduation.