A Teacher

A Teacher

2020, 10 Episode Mini-Series, Drama

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What Is A Teacher About?

A popular High School Senior takes interest in his new English teacher, who relishes the special attention.

The Cast of A Teacher

  • Katie Mara as Claire Wilson – A high school teacher who begins an affair with one of her students.


  • Nick Robinson as Eric Walker – A senior in high school who becomes involved in an illicit relationship with his teacher.


  • Ashley Zukerman as Matt Mitchell – Claire’s husband and a successful businessman who becomes suspicious of her behavior.


The Filmmakers of A Teacher

Director: Hannah Fidell – She is an American filmmaker and writer, who is also the creator of the series.


Writer: Hannah Fidell – She wrote the pilot episode and served as the showrunner for the series.


Executive Producers: Kate Mara, Rose Garnett, and Jamie Patricof.


Producers: Rebecca Green, Hannah Fidell, and Tariq Merhab

The Cinematography of A Teacher

The cinematography of A Teacher creates a visually striking and atmospheric world that reflects the psychological and emotional state of the characters. The cinematographer, Polly Morgan, uses a naturalistic and intimate visual style to bring the audience into the world of the show and make them feel as if they are a part of the story.


Throughout the series, the cinematography often employs close-up shots and handheld camera work to create a sense of immediacy and intimacy. The camera often lingers on the faces of the actors, capturing the subtlest of expressions and emotions, which helps to heighten the tension and drama of the scenes.


The use of natural lighting, muted color palettes, and a focus on the details of everyday life also contributes to the show’s overall visual style. The cinematography effectively creates a visual representation of the inner turmoil of the characters, and helps to draw the audience into the world of the show.


The Soundtrack of A Teacher

The soundtrack to the television series A Teacher primarily consists of original music composed by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans. The soundtrack is known for its atmospheric and haunting qualities, which effectively support the mood and tone of the show.


The music often employs a minimalistic and ambient approach, using sparse instrumentation and haunting melodies to create a sense of unease and tension. This helps to underscore the emotional and psychological state of the characters and adds to the overall mood of the show.


In addition to the original score, the soundtrack also features various pieces of licensed music from various artists, including songs by artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Beach House, and Radiohead. These songs are carefully selected and integrated into the show to support the themes and emotions of the scenes.


You can listen to the motion soundtrack here.

The Theme of A Teacher

The primary theme of the television series A Teacher is the dangers of power imbalances and the destructive consequences that can result from inappropriate relationships. The show explores the taboo subject of a high school teacher’s inappropriate relationship with one of her students and the impact that this relationship has on both of their lives.


Throughout the series, the theme of power dynamics is explored through the portrayal of the teacher’s manipulation and control over her student, as well as the student’s vulnerability and confusion as he becomes caught up in the relationship. The show also touches on themes of guilt, shame, and the impact of sexual trauma, as the consequences of the relationship come to light.


In addition to its exploration of these themes, A Teacher also serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of crossing ethical boundaries and the importance of recognizing and respecting power imbalances. The show invites the audience to consider the motivations behind such relationships and to reflect on the harm that can result from crossing professional and personal boundaries.


Why You Should Watch A Teacher

Student-Teacher affairs always receive special attention in the media, especially when the student is a male and the teacher is a female. At the surface, it’s just another viral news story for 24 hours, but the ripple effects of a predatory relationship that follows are never shown. 


A Teacher is a drama television series that was released on FX on Hulu in 2020. The series, which was created by Hannah Fidell, is based on Fidell’s 2013 film of the same name.


The series is set in a high school in Austin, Texas, and it follows the relationship between a high school teacher, Claire Wilson (played by Kate Mara), and her student, Eric Walker (played by Nick Robinson). Claire and Eric begin an affair, and the series explores the consequences of their relationship and the ways in which it affects their lives and the lives of those around them.


One of the strengths of A Teacher is its exploration of the complexities and ambiguities of the relationship between Claire and Eric. The series does not shy away from showing the emotional and physical aspects of their relationship, but it also does not judge or condemn their actions. Instead, the series presents their relationship as a product of their individual weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and it shows how the relationship has a profound and lasting impact on both of them.


Another strength of the series is its acting. Mara is particularly impressive as Claire, delivering a nuanced and emotional performance that is both vulnerable and powerful. Robinson is also strong as Eric, bringing a sense of sensitivity and confusion to his character.


The series also does a good job of depicting the world of high school. The series creates a rich and detailed world that is filled with students, teachers, and other characters, and it does a good job of exploring the social and emotional dynamics of high school life. The series also makes effective use of music, with a strong soundtrack that features both original and licensed music.


One of the most impressive aspects of A Teacher is its visual style. The series has a naturalistic visual aesthetic, with a focus on realism and authenticity. The series also makes effective use of lighting and cinematography to create a sense of intimacy and emotional intensity.


This series offers complex and nuanced exploration of the effects of a teacher-student relationship, give it a try.


French Onion Grilled Cheese

French Onion Grilled Cheese


Episode 3, Eric finishes Claire’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

More About A Teacher

Many people ask if this is based on a true story. No, A Teacher is not based on a true story. It is a fictional television series that explores the taboo subject of a high school teacher’s inappropriate relationship with one of her students.


The series was created by Hannah Fidell and serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of power imbalances and the destructive consequences that can result from such relationships. While the subject matter of the show may be inspired by real-life events, the specific storyline and characters are entirely fictional and created for the purpose of the series.